Pediatric Services

MRI-treasure-map-topWe have a special place in our hearts for children and are grateful for the relationships we have with physicians and parents. We see pediatric patients as young as 3 years of age and our staff makes each child feel safe and secure as they prepare for their MRI adventure.MRI-treasure-map-1-doctorDr. Gerald Karcher is a member of our radiology team and is Board-Certified with the American Board of Radiology with a certificate of added qualification in Pediatric Radiology. He performed his fellowship in Pediatric Radiology at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C.

MRI-treasure-map-2-parentSometimes having a parent in the MRI scan room can be very reassuring to a child. Therefore we allow one parent to be with the child during the exam. The parent must successfully pass a safety screening before entering the MR scan room.MRI-treasure-map-3-musicMusic during the MRI exam is a popular amenity among this age group. Children can listen to anything from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to Disney Mania to FUN, to Taylor Swift or they can bring their favorite CD from home. With Pandora piped in through our MR system any genre of music is available! We can also connect their MP3 player or iPhone to our control system and kids love this option because they tell us they can “rock out” to their all time favorites.MRI-treasure-map-4-bearsTeddy Bears are part of our MRI team. We have seen children’s eyes light up countless times when we ask if they would like to have a friend comfort them during their MRI exam. Thanks to a local Sylacauga Church each are hand made and donated to our facility. After the MRI exam the Teddy Bears go home with the children and a lifetime of friendship begins!MRI-treasure-map-5-visitWho doesn’t like fishing around in a big golden treasure chest for toys? Our pediatric patient’s do and it’s a great way to end their MRI adventure!MRI-treasure-map-bottom2