Our patients are important to us and their satisfaction is our gauge in determining where we need to make improvements. Over the years we have maintained a 97 percent overall excellent patient satisfaction rating and that gives us reassurance that we are upholding our daily mission. Here is what patients are saying about their experience:

“As soon as I came in I thought it was friendly and professional. The technologists make you feel very comfortable. Overall excellent!”

“I am very appreciative of how quickly they got me scheduled.”

“I have always felt safe with Coosa Valley MRI staff. They take good care of you.”

“I will recommend your service on Facebook!”

“Oh by the way, I love the music selection you guys have. Rock on.”

“I get nervous having an MRI but the people here are exceptional. Everyone was very nice and I don’t have a problem letting everyone know.”

“Thanks for being so good at what you do.”

“The music headphones are a big help in making procedure bearable. The cushions, pillows and cover make procedure more comfortable. Thank you for excellent service.”

“Your MRI staff is exceptional. The facility is beautiful. Thank you for making this facility better for our community.”

“This was a good experience. If I had to have this procedure, this was a good place to do it. Everyone was kind. Loved the music!”

“This was the best experience I have ever had. I have had between 7 and 8 MRI’s before and honestly, this was the best one.”

“I appreciate being treated like a person. So many places are so impersonal that you are just a chart number. Your staff is very kind and caring. Thanks so much.”

“I always come here and I would not go anywhere else!”

“I have NEVER had such a comfortable experience! Everyone is so very friendly I almost hate to leave.”

“I had my neck done and I am a big lady. The two MRI techs were so patient and kind to me. I would not have done the scan without their encouragement and kindness. Thanks so much.”

“I loved the staff and their professionalism. They treat us like family. More offices need to be this way.”

“The lady who worked with me was professional and nice. Rare these days. Thanks very much.”

“Waiting in this office is a true pleasure. It smells wonderful and I like the décor.”

“I like this place. If you have to have a medical procedure done, this is the way to go!”

“I could not ask for a better environment to get any testing done, MRI or otherwise. A 10 in my book.”

“Very pleased. If I have to have another one I want to come back here.”