The foundation of our business is based upon integrity, respect, professionalism, accuracy and hard work. We are a results driven team with the patient and customer needs at the forefront. Our ethical behavior is the core of our company’s essential DNA and is shared by every employee. Our values directly impact our ability to make progress toward achieving our mission and strengthening our reputation as a leader in MRI diagnostic imaging.

While our industry continues to change our values remain timeless.

Accuracy — We have earned the American College of Radiology gold seal of accreditation which represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety. Our processes, policies and equipment are evaluated for accuracy, safety and efficiency on a continual basis.

Hard Work — We believe that hard work is the foundation for success. It’s the only way we’ve known. Our patients, customers, and community count on us to provide first class medical care and that motivates us to work even harder.

Integrity — Integrity is at the helm of our company. We adhere to a strong moral and ethical code of doing things right and of treating others the way we would want to be treated.

Professionalism — We are passionate about what we do and we endeavor to carry out our responsibilities in an excellent manner.

Respect — Respecting people regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages or other types of distinction is a practice we keep.